Candy manufacturing machine

A candy manufacturing machine is a significant investment for any company – whether you’re starting your business in confectionery, or are an established manufacturer looking to expand your business. No matter what your company needs or requires, you can be sure Tanis provides you with the perfect solution for jellies and gummies, tailor-made to meet your needs and especially designed to your unique specifics. 

Commercial candy making equipment

At Tanis, we take designing and manufacturing your commercial candy making equipment one step at a time. First, we identify the requirements for your candy making equipment. What shape or size candy are you going to produce, and what is the recipe? What are the desired quantities and production speed, and are there special circumstances we need to take into account? 

Candy production machine

The next step is designing your candy production machine. Our experts at the Tanis Innovation Centre make sure all your possibilities are explored and tested before we apply them in your candy production machine. Because we have nearly three decades of experience in designing and producing candy manufacturing equipment, you can trust the outcome of this process will be exactly what you need: a candy production machine that is ready for action and perfect for your needs. 

Professional candy making equipment

Having our own Candy Innovation Centre also enables us to develop new production methods, allowing you to stay one step ahead of your competition. For example, we offer professional candy making equipment using non-starch moulding for functional gummies. This makes production more hygienic and prevents cross-contamination – a very important requirement when it comes to producing gummies with added vitamins or health ingredients. 

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Tanis Confectionery manufacturing equipment is used across Europe, the US and Australia by main players in the confectionery industry. Do you also want to use tailor-made candy manufacturing equipment what will help your products stand out? Contact Tanis Confectionery today and we’ll be happy to tell you all about the advantages of our candy making equipment.

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