All of the knowledge and equipment to make gums and jellies

Crazy about candy production

Whatever shapes, textures, flavors and special ingredients you want for your candy, Tanis provides the equipment, know-how, guidance and inspiration for the confectionery industry.

Your perfect production line

Getting everything right, for you

Creating perfect gummies and jellies doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes a harmonious combination of ingredients, equipment, and know-how. Every jewel of taste, texture and nutritional preference is the result of precise chemistry and processing. Tanis helps you get everything right, every time, by providing suitable production lines for many different confectionery products. Tell us what types of candy you want to make and we’ll show you how.

Tanis (oranje blok)

Tanis is one of the world’s leading suppliers of complete production lines for making gums and jellies. Having been in the industry over 25 years, we’re familiar with the challenges our customers face and the opportunities they want to realize. Every element of our equipment and services, is designed to meet those needs.

At Tanis, we make sure your Tanis confectionery equipment is designed to meet your standards and requirements. This starts with getting to know you, your products and your market. Which unique recipes do you use? What are your specific circumstances? We take all of these factors into consideration when designing your production line. Trust Tanis to find your sweet spot and design the perfect solution for your needs.