This is how we do it

The process of making candy

Where inventive candy recipes meet their ideal production lines, there’s a sweet spot where perfect gummies and jellies get made.


Tanis saves manufacturers time, effort and worry figuring out how to get there, by being your one-stop-shop. All the way from compatible production line design to installation and operator training.

Whether you’re an established confectionery manufacturer or new to the sector, Tanis is here to provide inspiration, advice, guidance and every level of service.

  • Laying the foundations

    Mapping your requirements

    We start by getting to know you. Your market, your goals and your individual circumstances. At the Tanis Innovation Center we’ll explore possibilities and test them out in our Pilot Plant including production technique matching.

  • Tailoring the solution

    Designing your ideal production line

    In the engineering phase, we tailor our complete production line solution to meet your business requirements. Not just in terms of output capacity and fit within your facility’s layout, but also for safety, compliance and hygiene.

  • Building the production line

    Your live preview

    Your full production line is assembled in our factory and you will be invited to check and test your equipment prior to shipment.

  • Installation and on-site checks

    Guaranteeing you’re good to go

    Once that gets the thumbs up, we’ll ship everything to your facility where our experienced installation crew will assemble and commission the line and will assist you in connecting all the required utilities. And they won’t leave until you confirm the end-product specifications are being met and the required capacity is being reached.

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