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Tanis is all about enabling manufacturers, with approximately 300 employees all over the world, to produce reliably high-quality gummies and jellies, with whatever individual twist they choose to infuse. We do that by supplying complete production lines and personalized support, all of which is inspired by our exceptional, continuous developing knowledge and craftmanship in sugar (and non-sugar) confectionery and process technology.   

From our administrative and development base in the Netherlands, Tanis creates production lines for gummies and jellies manufacturers all over the world. To optimally serve all our customers across different regions and time-zones, we work with a network of agents who speak your language and know your local market.

Mission and vision

Our organisation


‘Taking candy producers by the hand on an innovative journey to make their products.'


- Tanis is the market benchmark, the first company people think of when they want to produce gums and jellies, worldwide.

- We are always developing exceptional knowledge and craftmanship in sugar confectionery and process technology.

- Our production lines are the leading edge in efficiency and sustainability.

- We deliver a market leading full service package.

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