All of the knowledge and equipment to make gums and jellies

Crazy about
candy production

Whatever shapes, textures, flavors and special ingredients you want for your candy,
Tanis provides the equipment, know-how, guidance and inspiration.

Your perfect production line

Getting everything right, for you

Creating perfect gummies and jellies doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes a harmonious combination of ingredients, equipment, and know-how. Every jewel of taste, texture and nutritional preference is the result of precise chemistry and processing. Tanis helps you get everything right, every time, by providing suitable production lines for many different confectionery products. Tell us what types of candy you want to make and we’ll show you how.

Complete production line solutions

The right machinery for every purpose

  • Preparation


    Weighing & mixing

  • Cooking


    Heating & vacuumizing

  • Blending


    Flavor, color & more

  • Moulding


    Starch & non-starch

  • Conditioning


    Optimal drying

  • Finishing


    Oiling & sanding

Innovation Center

Your gums and jellies journey starts here

Every ingredient makes a difference. Not just to how appealing your gummies and jellies will be, but to how your production line needs to be composed. The Innovation Center is your place to explore ingredient possibilities, test production line recommendations and train your key staff to use Tanis equipment.

Starch vs non-starch moulding

Choose the best technique
for your confectionery

  • Starch

    1. Candies are moulded in starch-filled trays
    2. High flexibility to switch between different shapes and sizes
    3. Suitable for a wide range of recipes and drying cycles
  • Non-Starch

    1. Candies are moulded in unique Tanis plastic trays
    2. Trays are easily cleaned, to avoid cross-contamination
    3. Takes up less floor space and eliminates starch