Production lines

The machinery to
produce gums and jellies

Whatever your sweets and candies contain, we’ll put together the right machinery for every stage of the process.

Complete production lines, tailor-made.

We believe in the power of One. With one common goal and one integrated total solution, we build a lasting relationship and create a shared future together. By integrating the four production stages of gummy and jelly candy into one comprehensive solution we achieve your goal of producing candy even more efficiently. As a family business, we understand the importance of involvement and loyalty. These values run deep in our company, and we believe that by working together towards a common goal, we can accomplish great things.

Let’s embrace the power of One.

One goal, One solution, One family

  • Kitchen
    • Preparation

      Weighing & mixing

    • Cooking

      Heating & vacuumizing

    • Blending

      Flavor, color & more

  • Moulding
    • Moulding

      Starch & non-starch

  • Conditioning
    • Conditioning

      Optimal drying

  • Finishing
    • Finishing

      Oiling & sanding




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