• Up to 150k pieces per hour
  • Non-Starch

The Tanis 400R NS is our smallest fully-automatic Non-Starch line. It can run recipes that use pectin, gelatin and other gelling agents without any reduction in production capacity. This line operates with cleanable polycarbonate moulds, which can easily be changed out to create your chosen shapes and sizes. Product preparation is recipe-driven, and a minimal number of operators are required along the line.

Discover some of the parts of this production line

  • Moulding


    The accurate depositing pump and the well thought-out demoulding process guarantee that your yield looks exactly the way it should. Unique is our use of plastic moulds, which are much easier to clean and thereby eliminate any product contamination. We have developed these superior moulds in-house and were the first to use them at substantial capacity, which is something we are proud of!

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