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Adding supplements in candy makes it possible to take daily recommended vitamins and supplements in a more straightforward way.

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Tanis is one of the world’s leading suppliers of complete production lines for making gums and jellies. Having been in the industry over 25 years, we’re familiar with the challenges our customers face and the opportunities they want to realize. Every element of our equipment and services, is designed to meet those needs. We understand that delivering quality candy products with active substances needs a different approach. Nutraceutical gummies require a very specific balance that maintains active ingredient efficacy, ensures accurate dosing, masks unpleasant flavors and avoids cross-contamination.

That is why we have bundled our expertise in this area within Tanis OTC Candy Equipment. We design and develop creative and effective solutions for the production of active candy by supplying custom-made production equipment. We process equipment supplier that focuses on the supplements, vitamins, CBD and OTC (over-the-counter) market. We design and supply plants for the production of active candy, like vitamins, CBD or even pain relievers candies.


Your supplement in gummies

Convenient and accessible

By changing the way OTC ingredients are administered, we can change the OTC industry together. Offer tasty active candy instead of tasteless pills. Our extensive knowledge in testing and production helps you to accurately and safely dose OTC ingredients in candy. This enables you to achieve your objectives in full compliance with the law.

Nutraceuticals on the rise

Nutraceuticals on the rise

The rise of vitamins and other nutraceuticals in a sweet gummy form has risen significantly over the past years. This market of adding supplements in candy makes it possible to take daily recommended vitamins and supplements in a more straightforward way. Some examples of these actives can be Calcium, Omega 3, Melatonine, Multivitamins, Cranberry, or Vitamines for hair, skin or nails.

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  • Complete

    We are the one-stop-shop, where we help you from concept to finished product. We offer complete production lines with the expertise you need to create your own unique candy.

  • Clean

    Our focus is on designing and supplying hygienic and cleanable processes, making it possible to avoid any risk on cross contamination.

  • Accurate

    We know the importance of accurate dosing and consistency in your end product and guarantee a process far within the for you required guidelines.