400 Compact

400 Compact
  • 400 - 1000 kg per hour
  • Starch

The Tanis 400 Compact is a fully-integrated automatic production line which combines a compact footprint with impressive versatility and capacity per square metre / foot. Recipe driven, with a kitchen that can be configured in various ways, plus fast changeover between different recipes, it’s ideal for those with limited space who want to produce a wide range of gummies, jellies and nutraceuticals. 

Discover some of the parts of this production line

  • Premix preparation

    Premix preparation

    Suitable for any type of gelling agent. Has a cone-shaped weighing and mixing vessel which eliminates the need for a pre-gelatin dissolving unit.

  • Moulding


    Automatic Moulding line ensures trouble-free demoulding, starch filling and printing, thanks to the state-of-the-art T-Gel Depositing Pump. This skid is also suitable for replacing traditional machines in existing lines.

  • Conditioning


    Ensures the starch has the right moisture content. This adds to process safety and creates optimal printing results.

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