Production lines

400S NS

  • 10k – 30k pieces per hour
  • Non-Starch

This low-capacity, semi-automatic production line is a perfect (entry level) solution for manufacturing gummies and jellies containing functional ingredients. Comprised of the highest quality equipment, the Tanis 400S NS achieves accurately dosed, consistently homogenized ingredient mixtures while streamlining candy manufacture.

Discover some of the parts of this production line

  • Kitchen


    Everything for preparation, cooking and blending. With optimal product control and a short holding time (ABS) to eliminate the risk of pre-gelling.

  • Moulding


    Unique Tanis starchless moulding system with hygienic rigid plastic trays that can easily be cleaned to avoid cross-contamination. Risk of pre-gelling is minimized through heating of all product contact surfaces. Maximum system speed is three moulding trays per minute.

  • Conditioning


    The key process step for stable, high-quality product! Tanis conditioning rooms are built to a proven modular concept which incorporates an integrated air handler with desiccant dryer. This ensures a consistent, evenly dispersed conditioned airflow throughout the space. Accommodates 140 up to 840 moulding trays, depending on line specifications.