• 10k – 30k pieces per hour
  • Non-Starch

This low-capacity, semi-automatic production line is a perfect (entry level) solution for manufacturing gummies and jellies containing functional ingredients. Comprised of the highest quality equipment, the Tanis 400S NS achieves accurately dosed, consistently homogenized ingredient mixtures while streamlining candy manufacturing.

Tanis 400S NS Modular System

Equipment that helps you grow organically

Whether you want to start in the nutraceutical gums industry or if you're an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry considering gummy candy as a delivery system, Tanis has the equipment to grow organically. Starting with a depositor combined with silicone moulds, you can then progress to working with an automatic demoulder in conjunction with polycarbonate moulds. After these investments, you can further expand to a setup with a professional kitchen for an even higher capacity. To scale up even more, Tanis Conditioning Rooms can be added as the final step. Our equipment grows with you step by step.

  • Phase 1


    • The starchless Tanis depositing system with flexible silicone moulds as a stand-alone option or with hygienic polycarbonate moulds when your business grows.
    • The closed pump design and heated contact surfaces significantly reduces the risk of pre-gelling.
    • Programmable recipes & depositing parameters for highly accurate piece weights.
    • Hopper and pump design are not impacted by static pressu§re ensuring equal piece weights.
    • Semi-automatic indexing of moulds. 
  • Phase 2


    The automated demoulding system allows for fast and efficient removal of the gummies from the moulds using sanitary compressed air.

    • Simple two-person operation Automated indexing of moulds through the system
    • Ergonomic design which relieves operators of strains related to more manual demoulding operations
    • Hygienic demoulding without physically touching the gummies
  • Phase 3


    • Optimized pre-blending vessel to ensure a homogenous gummy mass.
    • Continuous cooking process, with excellent temperature control.
    • Integrated vacumizer to remove air bubbles, flash off moisture and quickly reduce temperature.
    • ABS (Additive Blending System) ensures accurate weighing of the gummy mass before colour, flavour, acid and actives are added. High sheer mixer to create a homogeneous mass within minutes.
    • Easy to clean.
  • Phase 4


    • Tanis conditioning rooms control temperature, airflow and humidity and eliminating external environmental influences.
    • Shortens the time that it takes for the product to solidify in the moulds.
    • Parameters within the conditioning rooms fully controllable & adjustable, guarantees reproducibility of your product.
    • Available for 140 up to 840 moulding trays, depending on your specific needs & recipes requirements.

Discover some of the parts of this production line

  • Kitchen


    Everything for preparation, cooking and blending. With optimal product control and a short holding time (ABS) to eliminate the risk of pre-gelling.

  • Moulding


    The unique, starch-free Tanis molding system with hygienic plastic molds. Easy to clean to prevent cross-contamination. The risk of pre-gelling is minimal, as all surfaces that come into contact with the product are heated. The system processes up to three molds per minute.

  • Conditioning


    The key process step for stable, high-quality product! Tanis conditioning rooms are built to a proven modular concept which incorporates an integrated air handler with desiccant dryer. This ensures a consistent, evenly dispersed conditioned airflow throughout the space. Accommodates 140 up to 840 moulding trays, depending on line specifications.

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