• 50k – 90k pieces per hour
  • Non-Starch

The Tanis 400M NS is a mid-capacity solution for streamlined manufacture of gummies and jellies containing functional ingredients. Offering a significantly higher level of automation and integration compared to the 400S NS, the 400M NS also delivers highly accurate dosing and thorough blending for consistent results every time.

Discover some of the parts of this production line

  • Kitchen


    Continuous cooking system with a recipe driven batch system. Runs via remote assistance through a modem, with a single operator. Extendable, with an automated dosing system to blend in (functional) added ingredients.

  • Moulding


    Closed (fully heated) pump design ensures dosing is independent of static pressure, and pre-gelling is thereby avoided. The system is manually fed one single mould at a time. Maximum line-speed is 8 moulds per minute.

  • Sugar Sander

    Sugar Sander

    The last, but definitely not the least step in producing delightful gummies and jellies. Adding a sugar layer perfectly finishes products to their required specification.

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