800 Robotic NS

800 Robotic NS
  • 100k – 290k pieces per hour
  • Non-Starch

In a world-first for manufacturing gummies and jellies with functional ingredients, this state-of-the-art production line handles higher capacity than any other non-starch system. The fully-integrated automatic line with Automated Track System (ATS) is recipe driven, requires just four operators and self-adjusts for optimal, synchronized operation. Kitchen configuration options enable the best fit to space. Fast changeover between recipes delivers high productivity. 

Discover some of the parts of this production line

  • Cooking


    This skid ensures a continuous cooking process, without unnecessary interruptions. The large vacuum vessel increases efficiency by reducing movement in the candy mass, thereby preventing air bubbles forming within. Various types of cookers can be installed on this skid as required. 

  • Moulding


    Servo driven single tray transportation and positioning ensures a failsafe process from moulding to demoulding. This, combined with the functionality of the eye-catching robots which handle the trays, guarantees repeatedly consistent yield.

  • Sugar Sander

    Sugar Sander

    As well as being a tasty and attractive finish for gummies and jellies, sugar sanding is often a good way of incorporating functional additives. Mixing the additives into the sugar before coating is often a practical way to apply them while significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

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