Commercial gummy making machine

Gummies are not only used as candy nowadays, but are enhanced with active ingredients to make healthy living more attractive. Examples of these ingredients are vitamins for boosting the immune system, calcium that helps strengthen the bones, melatonin to aid sleep, supplements that improve hair, collagen for improving skin. Gummies and jellies can also be enriched with natural fruit extracts, such as elderberry and cranberry, or botanicals like turmeric and valerian. Enhancing gummies calls for gummy manufacturing equipment that allow for very accurate dosing and depositing. Tanis Confectionery, a trusted producer of gummy making machines, offers precisely this: extremely accurate systems which ensure every individual gummy or jelly contains the exact amount of active ingredients you claim it to have.

Gummy production equipment

When choosing gummy production equipment for enriched gummies or jellies, another factor to take into consideration is the risk of cross contamination. The production process of enhanced gummies needs to be as hygienic as possible, meaning that traditional production methods involving starch moulding are less suitable. Especially for these products, Tanis Confectionery has developed starchless moulding methods in its gummy production equipment, allowing you to produce gummies containing exactly the ingredients stated on the label – nothing more, nothing less.

Gummy bear manufacturing equipment

Whether your product is a traditional candy gummy, or an enhanced gummy for health purposes, you will need gummy manufacturing equipment that makes your product unique so that it stands out on the shelf. The experts in our Tanis Confectionery Innovation Centre work with you to design gummy candy manufacturing equipment to meet your exact requirements and preferences. Gummy bears with unique flavours or enhancements? Gummies in a never-seen-before shape or size? We’re up to the challenge of producing the gummy manufacturing equipment you need.

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Whether your gummies are meant as a nice treat or as a functional food supplement: Tanis Confectionery provides you with the gummy bear manufacturing equipment that fits like a glove. Get in touch with us today and discover how our equipment can make your business more successful.

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