Your gums and jellies production line manufacturer

If you are looking for a professional business which will assist you with designing and developing your own gums and jellies production line, look no further. Tanis Confectionery is the world leader in candy process & machinery solutions. We design, supply and install plants for the production of your gums and jellies. A production plant that weighs, adds, mixes, heats, boils, cools and gives shape to the ingredients of your gum or jelly.

We know it is important for you as a candy manufacturer to make the production process as efficient and inventive as possible. One of the mayor benefits we offer you, is the fact we supply total solutions from start to finish; meaning one supplier and one operating system, less time to production and less risk. We offer all the equipment and support you need for your gums and jellies production line. We do not just develop machines – in fact, the customer is at the heart of everything we do. We make sure you will have creative and effective solutions that improve and enhance your production processes and make your custom-made gums and jellies. Our human focus requires close cooperation with customers and world-class expertise.

Sharing our expertise around the globe

Our clients believe in nurturing traditional knowledge and skills, and they know the added value a family owned business offers in a global market.

Why Tanis Confectionery?

  • Tanis puts years of experience in the global confectionery industry at your disposal.
  • We can assist you with development and improvement of your recipes in the Tanis Candy Innovation Center. Read more about our TCIC at our Tanis Candy Innovation Centre page.
  • Excellent service, with highly qualified, enthusiastic and professional personnel.

The Tanis Group has grown into a global supplier of total process solutions and high-tech gummy manufacturing equipment, not only to the confectionery market but also to the food and health industries. Experience, sweet tooth and state of the art know-how: together they will take your business to the next level!

Your gums and jellies production line manufacturer