Everybody likes some candy from time to time and confectionery is a growing market throughout the world. In order to provide people from Europe to Africa and Australia with the confectionery they love, manufacturers worldwide need confectionery machines tailored to their specific needs and requirements. Trust Tanis Confectionery to provide you with a complete production line for gummies and jellies. From preparation, cooking & blending to moulding, conditioning and finishing: we offer the right equipment to produce your confectionery. 

Confectionery machines

When it comes to purchasing your confectionery machines, a tailormade solution is important. You want your confectionery to stand out from the competition – therefore, you need the equipment to achieve just that: produce the perfect candy that people will come back to, time and time again.

Confectionery equipment

At Tanis, we make sure your confectionery equipment is designed to meet your standards and requirements. This starts with getting to know you, your products and your market. Which unique recipes do you use? What are your specific circumstances? We take all of these factors into consideration when designing your production line. We make sure to explore and test all your possibilities in our Tanis Innovation Centre before we apply them in your production environment. 

Confectionery equipment manufacturers

If you wish to produce gums or jellies, Tanis is your go-to confectionery equipment manufacturer. We have over thirty years of experience in providing confectionery equipment to candy manufacturers worldwide, making us a trusted and well-known partner. Whether it’s a straightforward starch moulding technique or the latest non-starch moulding for functional jellies: we can set you up with the right equipment. 

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Are you taking your first steps in the field of confectionery and in need of an equipment manufacturer that offers a tailor-made solution? Or are you an experienced confectionery company, looking for a partner to perfect your manufacturing techniques? Trust Tanis to find your sweet spot and design the perfect solution for your needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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