Tanis is about to set a world record

Tanis is the market leader in the United States in the field of creating production lines for (inter)national producers of gummy's and jellies. From support in developing recipes to the development of state of the art production lines; at Tanis we are 'Crazy about candy production'. And from April 11th it will be extra 'crazy'! We will start with an attempt to get hold of the world record 'largest gummy bear'. This should eventually lead to a gummy bear of approximately 2 ½ x 2 x 1 meter. An official jury member of the Guinness Book of Records will determine April 14 whether the attempt was successful!

With a slogan like 'Crazy about candy production' it is not hard to guess that 'fun' is an important value at Tanis. When a playful eye-catcher had to be placed on the stand for the international packaging trade fair "interpack", the idea for the world record attempt was born. To see the largest gummy bear in the world in real life is a wonderful experience and will certainly attract many people.

The process of developing the largest gummy bear in the world is similar to developing other gummies. From developing a recipe, making a mould to the actual production and moulding of the gummy bear. At first glance, no reason to doubt. But it's unfamiliar territory because a gummy bear of such volume and size has never been made before. We have to take several factors into account, for example whether there is enough time to dry out the candy mass so that the chance of collapse is minimised. But with over 25 years of experience and common sense, we maximize the chance of success! We have every confidence in it.

The world record attempt starts on Tuesday, April 11. Then we start at our Innovation Center by making and mixing the candy mass and pouring it into the mould. Wednesday and Thursday are set aside for drying out and on Friday afternoon 14 April the gummy bear is unloaded, laid and weighed. A jury member of Guinness World Records is present to determine the world record.

If successful, the largest gummy bear in the world can therefore be admired at the interpack trade fair in Düsseldorf from 4 to 10 May. After returning, several people will enjoy this record, because a condition for validity is that the gummy bear is actually eaten!

Tanis is about to set a world record