Leading technology in the nutraceutical gummy equipment market.

At Tanis OTC Equipment, we believe in the strength of the modern actives and supplements market – where consumers have more information and freedom of choosing in which form, dose and flavor they want to take their actives, like nutraceuticals. For these conscious consumers, candy is the perfect product. It is easy to dose and has countless variations of appealing looks and tastes, while being one of the most stable carriers of supplements and active ingredients.

Innovation Center
In our own Innovation Center, we can help you with developing your nutraceutical recipe and we are able to provide you with a proof of concept in our pilot plant. Our team of experts have all-around, in-depth confectionery knowledge, as well as vast experience in adding and processing nutraceuticals in your gummy.

Once all your requirements are clearly defined, our engineers will start designing your nutraceutical gummy equipment. Fully customized and tailored to your specific needs. Aligned with your industry and regional requirements.

In the world of nutraceuticals, accuracy is a great importance, also when it comes to mass production. Our nutraceutical gummy equipment is designed for this high-output production. Millions of pieces have to come out during a shift and each piece has to have the same concentration of active ingredients. The diversity in types and concentrations of active ingredients require great understanding of the product formulation and chemistry.  Something we elaborately test in the Candy Innovation Center.

Starchless depositing
At Tanis OTC Equipment, we offer starchless depositing. This starchless concept eliminates the traditional starch printed tray depositing. With the OTC-Gel starchless you can have a dedicated line for your nutraceutical gummies without the risk on cross-contamination due to the fact that only cleanable material is used.

More information?
Tanis OTC Equipment is the one-stop-shop, where we help you from concept to your finished gummy. Interested? Let us help you and we will manufacture, supply and install your own complete nutraceutical gummy equipment.

Leading technology in the nutraceutical gummy equipment market.