Cannabis candy development

Are you looking for a partner who can help you achieve your dreams regarding cannabis candy development? Then look no further, because Tanis OTC Candy Equipment is the leading player in the active edible process industry! We’re with you from start to finish, helping you design your products and build and test the equipment that will produce them for years to come. Curious how this all works? Then be sure to read on!

It all starts with the choice of candy type

Candy comes in many different shapes, forms and sizes. Luckily, we have experience with all the general and more exotic shapes and sizes on the market. The entire process starts with your choice, which could be a gum or jelly, but also a new type if you so desire.


It is very important to achieve exactly the desired dosage in every single piece of cannabis candy during development. Throughout our years of experience in the vitamin industry, we have perfected our processes and knowledge regarding this key aspect of active edibles. When you decide on the dosage, we make sure your production line will accurately and constant deliver it.

Innovation? Yes please!

Depending on your current progress, you might already have a recipe at hand. If not, then there’s an extra opportunity you can take advantage of. We’re speaking of our Candy Innovation Centre. Here, you can lean on our knowledge during the creation of your cannabis candy recipe. Subsequently, the process design that will make your recipe can be tested here within our Pilot Plant as well. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Time to make candy

How does all of this work, you may ask? Well, cannabis candy development is no easy task. To make sure you end up with a production process that works perfectly, we follow the steps listed below to create your customized process equipment line.

1.Testing the process

Within our previously mentioned Candy Innovation Centre, we apply all of our knowledge and skills to develop both your recipe and the process design which will produce those recipes.

2.Tailoring the design

After meticulous testing and when satisfactory results are met, the engineering phase begins. Here, we produce your customized process equipment and make sure to tailor it to any specific business requirements you might have. These could be your plant layout, but also things like safety, compliance, hygiene and capacity.

3. Checking the line

After producing your equipment, we will assemble it within our factory. You are then invited to come and view, check and test all of it before it is shipped to your plant.

4. Commissioning the line

To ensure the line will function as intended, our experienced Installation Crew will be there to assemble and commission the entire line within your plant. They will help you connect all the required utilities as well and stay on site until the product specs are met and required capacity is reached.

Benefits of choosing Tanis OTC as your supplier

We believe that just because we are the industry drivers, that doesn’t mean you have to choose for us. This is because we are the industry drivers for certain reasons. We offer a complete turnkey production process and do this well, yes. Kitchen-Moulding-Conditioning-Demoulding-Finishing. But that is not the only thing that makes us unique. What makes us different is our extensive experience when it comes to meticulously measuring the active ingredients for your production process, as well as our knowledge when it comes to masking odors and flavors. Combined, all of these advantages result in the best possible products and services for your cannabis candy development.

Get in touch

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Cannabis candy development