Gums and jellies course

A certified basis for everyone who wants to learn about ingredients, processing and the active candies market.

Join our webinar course

Join our webinar course

Introduction to gums and jellies is a 2-day webinar course devided over 3 chapters designed for candy manufacturers and their employees, suitable for any business or individual who wants to engage in the gums and jellies business in any shape or form.

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Unlocking your market of opportunity

The gums and jellies market is packed with exciting opportunities. Endless options for different flavors, sugar content (or lack of it) and satisfying the explosive demand for nutraceuticals (active candies containing vitamins and supplements) mean there’s plenty of room for manufacturers to differentiate by introducing new products.

All these different options impact the manufacturing process in their own way. This course explains how, so you are equipped with the knowledge to get the best possible outcomes.

The better educated your people are, the bigger contribution they can all make to your company’s success. Our Introduction to gums and jellies course is perfect for bringing everyone up-to-speed on the basics of ingredients, manufacturing processes and understanding the market. Knowledge that could inspire your next great idea.

  • Webinar 1

    Ingredient and recipe knowledge

    This basic course covers all you need to know about the main ingredients – sugar, syrup, gelling agents, additives – and how they behave during processing. See how gummies and jellies are made on a small scale in the laboratory. Find out what can go wrong and learn about testing the quality of finished products.

  • Webinar 2

    Equipment knowledge

    This course provides all the information you need for manufacturing gums and jellies. We’ll take you through every part of the process, including the possible variations, as you learn about kitchens, depositors, conditioning rooms and finishing equipment.
    You’ll also get up-to-speed on different types of cookers and the differences between starch and non-starch moulding. Everything will be illustrated through helpful animations and actual production footage.

  • Webinar 3

    Adding active ingredients

    This course is all about getting into the functional candies market. You’ll learn about the active candies market itself, and how this differs from conventional candy. On a practical level, we’ll explain the importance of recipe development, with clear examples of why you can´t just add functional ingredients without adjusting the process. Everything will be illustrated through demonstrations. For example, you’ll see how adding just a tiny amount of elderberry extract will turn your candy-mass purple, making it almost (but not completely!) impossible to create non-purple candies that contain elderberry.

Registration for the entire 3-session course costs €1,299 per attendee. Be aware, for confidentiality reasons, each registration may only be activated via a single device and the sessions are live-only events. No playback recording will be available. We advise you to take notes during each live session.

Please see Terms and conditions | Tanis for all terms and conditions relating to Tanis Academy webinars. When you register, you automatically accept the terms and conditions.

Interactive education

Each webinar session will consist of a mix of pre-recorded information and live presentation. Participants can submit questions (via the Questionnaire tool) during the session, for one of our Tanis Academy food technologists to answer live to the entire audience.

By the end of the course, you’ll have comprehensive insights into the business of making all kinds of gums and jellies.