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Tanis Academy

With a rich history dating back to 1947, three generations of Tanis family has gained an incredible amount of knowledge about the entire candy-making process. In 2014, we specialized in gums and jellies, setting a new standard for excellence in this sweet world. Today, we are proud market leaders, a demonstration of our commitment to quality and innovation.  

Tanis is leading in knowledge about candy production and our goal is to help you make candy on Tanis equipment through inspiration, training, and instruction during your entire journey. Our team of experts have years of expertise, continuously honing their skills and staying at the forefront of the latest candy-making technologies. To ensure that we maintain our edge, we invest in our employees' growth by providing training on professional level, empowering them to excel in their roles and contribute their best to the industry. One pillar in our strategy is being the industry leader on the knowledge of our crafts.  

But it doesn't stop there. At Tanis, we believe that our knowledge is worth sharing. We are crazy about candy production, and we are eager to spread that enthusiasm to the world. We want to share our incredible amount of knowledge with others in the industry through comprehensive training programs. By doing so, we hope to contribute to the growth and success of candy makers everywhere, fostering a community of skilled personnel who are as passionate about confectionery as we are. 

From our cutting-edge equipment to our dedication to knowledge sharing, Tanis is your go-to source for all your candy-making needs. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding entrepreneur, we welcome you to explore our range of training opportunities. 

How do we work?

We offer a diverse portfolio of courses. From mastering the art of gum and jelly production to understanding the Tanis equipment, our courses are designed to empower you with the skills to excel in your craft. To optimize training programs for you, we want to truly understand your needs. We would like to talk about your goals, the level of experience of your staff, timelines, and how we can integrate with your existing training facilities. 

You can access our online courses from anywhere in the world, allowing you to learn at your own pace. For those seeking a more hands-on experience, we also offer on-site training, where our experts can visit your location to provide specialized guidance. Alternatively, you are always welcome to join us at our location, where you can immerse yourself in a dedicated learning environment. 


To keep your production optimal, your Tanis Equipment needs maintenance. The Tanis Academy offers maintenance training programs scalable to any experience level and any operation size. 

Our customizable programs aim to empower your organization to be able to perform both regular preventive maintenance and troubleshooting. We go in-depth about subjects such as how to use Tanis documents and how to set up basic Preventive Maintenance. Also, we teach how to perform tasks such as alignments, calibrations and swapping or repairing parts.  

By offering both online and offline training programs, we ensure you can keep both your current and future staff up-to-date.

The operator training covers the day-to-day operation of your Tanis equipment. After this training the trainees can produce candy according to your recipe on your Tanis equipment and do basic cleaning & troubleshooting. During this training, experienced Tanis staff guides your staff step-by-step through the process. If Standard-Operating-Procedures (SOP’s) are available, this training also serves as a validation step of the SOP’s. 

Our Process Training explains everything about how raw ingredients are transformed into your candies, using Tanis Equipment. By going in-depth about how our equipment functions, what the options and limitations are and how this interacts with your recipe, we create a deep understanding of your process of candy-making. This training enables the trainees to make informed decisions about recipes, settings and hardware changes.

We offer a comprehensive on-site version where we go over your specific configuration and recipe. In the online version we will cover the basics of the process training. 

Do you want to engage in the gums and jellies business in any shape or form? Join the Introduction to gums and jellies course, which is designed for candy manufacturers and their employees, suitable for any business or individual. During this 3-part webinar you will learn all about ingredient & recipe & recipe knowledge, equipment knowledge, and adding active ingredients. We our constantly updating our library of webinars to keep your knowledge about candy making up to date. 

The Tanis Academy team consistently evolves our trainings to ensure that we offer you the latest knowledge about candy making, 

The Tanis Academy team consistently evolves our trainings to ensure that we offer you the latest knowledge about candy making. 

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