Sharing our candy manufacturing expertise with the world

Tanis Academy

A gums and jellies learning facility for all.

Having been in the candy-making equipment business since 1995, and specialised in gums and jellies since 2014, we’ve accumulated an incredible amount of knowledge about this industry. From what it takes to make perfect candy, to how different commercial markets around the world respond to new developments.

To make sure this knowledge never gets lost, we curate it and develop it into training resources via the Tanis Academy. For years, we’ve used this facility to train our own new recruits. But then we thought, wouldn’t the whole world of gums and jellies be a better place if all market operators were as well-informed as we are? So here it is, the Tanis Academy is open to everyone!

This 3-session course is perfect for getting all your people up-to-speed on the essentials behind a successful gums and jellies manufacturing business. Whether you’re considering entering the category, or are already established and want to get new recruits off to the best possible start.

The Tanis Academy Introduction to gums and jellies course is a convenient way for everyone to learn about ingredients, processing and how the (active) candies market works. Whether or not you’re a Tanis customer.

For Tanis equipment users, the Tanis Academy offers tailored education and training that puts your operators fully in control. Our structured program enables your team to benefit from our many years of experience, and deliver you the very best returns from our production lines.

This combination of classroom education and hands-on training can accommodate up to 20 staff. It covers all the intricacies of how your specific Tanis production line works, together with modules on everything from safety to raw ingredients’ properties and behavior. The outcome is an operational team who are fully competent to handle every eventuality, to the point where they are able to write their own SOP (Standard Operation Procedure). Upon completion, all participants are tested to make sure they’ve properly absorbed the training and issued with certificates accordingly.

Making gums and jellies is a complex process. A simple deviation at any point can seriously affect your results. It’s vital, therefore, that everyone involved in your production properly understands how to perform their role and appreciates its importance in the overall scheme.

Tanis experts are available to provide on-site training on any aspect of making gums and jellies. From helping you implement a new system to getting a new shift team up-to-speed.   Tell us what you need and we’ll devise and deliver a training program that’s right for your facility and people.  

Want a risk-free way of exploring the full extent of your gums and jellies manufacturing possibilities? Gather up your product developers, managers and process technologists and spend a week with us at the Tanis Innovation Center.

This facility, in the Netherlands, is dedicated to learning, experimenting, discovering and perfecting recipes and processes. Here, you can put our equipment and your ideas through their paces, under the helpful guidance of our candy-making experts.

Whether you’re already a user of Tanis equipment, still weighing up its advantages, or just want to learn from us so you can improve your existing operation, the Tanis Innovation Center is ready to welcome you to our world of discovery and perfection.