Tanis continues to grow and opens new location

New production Halls

Tanis Confectionery relocated its headquarters in 2012 as the old venue could no longer accommodate our growth. Eight years later, a further expansion has materialised. Located just fifteen minutes from our headquarters, we have recently opened a new production facility in the town of Made with two new halls of 3,000 square metres each. These new halls will be used for assembling the T-Gel MOULDING lines and building frames.

Tanis Innovation Centre

Another recent change, is that we moved our Tanis Innovation Centre to  an adjacent building in Oosterhout.

This helped us to free up capacity in our primary location, but also to entirely renew our Tanis Innovation Centre. It will be equipped with a new laboratory and brand new equipment for testing, such as a lab kitchen. The new Tanis Innovation Centre is scheduled to be fully operational in February 2020.

This innovation centre will certainly be worth the while to visit. It continues to revolve around recipe development and demonstrations of confectionery productions. It is also possible to test new production cycles on a preliminary table-top scale, with 8 kg batches in a 100 kg /h production scale. As nearly all Tanis equipment is available – including Cookers, Aerators and a Fondant Beater – virtually every machinery configuration can be set-up and used. Furthermore, a complete Bar line, Moulding line and Jelly curing room are also available, that allow for further fine-tuning of your process.

Come February, we warmly welcome you to our new Tanis Innovation Centre, to discover the possibilities yourself, or to have your staff members participate in equipment training.

Tanis continues to grow and opens new location