Taking the sugar out of gums and jellies

Rising demand for sugar-free, low sugar and no added sugar gums and jellies means many manufacturers are introducing or expanding production of this category. However, taking the sugar out of the gummy calls for more than simply removing or swapping ingredients.

Sugar isn’t just part of the flavour profile, it also plays an integral role in consistency and stability. Absence of sugar raises the challenge of how to avoid gums and jellies becoming sticky, wet and cloudy over the duration of a reasonable shelf-life.

Fortunately, all of this can be solved through having the right recipe and process.

A unique, custom service for developing perfect low sugar gummies and jellies

The Tanis Innovation Centre is a unique facility designed to get gums and jellies manufacturers off to the best possible start and achieve the highest quality results. Our dedicated team of food technologists work closely together with customers to develop exactly the right recipes and processes for every requirement. Including reduced, no-sugar and no added sugar gummies and jellies.

Whether you’re venturing into the sugar-free market for the first time or looking to improve your offering, our team is available to help you:

  • Create new, unique recipes, with the flavours and nutrition benefits you want
  • Develop recipes and processes that result in perfect, stable gummies and jellies, no matter how much sugar you’re not using

Food science at the ready

Examples of ingredients we incorporate to ensure tasty gums and jellies with desirable and stable consistency include:

  • Sugar crystal replacers: such as xylitol and erythritol
  • Bulk replacers: such as maltitol, sorbitol and polydextrose
  • High fibre ingredients: such as inulin, FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides / oligofructose) and soluble fibres
  • Fruit purees and concentrates containing only natural sugar, to satisfy claim of no added sugars

Ready to explore the world of low sugar confectionery and develop perfect products for your business? Contact our Sales colleagues here!

Taking the sugar out of gums and jellies