Starchless depositing: Adding beneficial ingredients to your candies with limited risk on cross-contamination.

Why swallow a pill if you can eat a nice candy containing functional ingredients. Gummies specifically formulated to promote health benefits like immune support, bone health, sleep and stress support. The Tanis OTC Non-starch lines makes the production of these functional gummies possible.

The Tanis OTC-Gel Moulding is designed to create your perfect gummy with a complete production line from ingredients to a candy ready for the packaging line. The kitchen is designed to make soft gums and jellies (gelatin-pectin based) and we customize the equipment so your functional ingredients can be added to the candy mass. Accurate automatic weighing is incorporated to ensure accurate dosing of your beneficial ingredients. If the candy mass consist the required final dry solids, flavour, colour, acid and functionals the candy mass is ready for the OTC-Moulding. With the OTC-Moulding you are able to create your own designed unique candy shape. When the candies are shape stable they can be finished with for example acid sanding and your gummy is ready to enter the market.

The starchless concept eliminates the traditional starch printed tray depositing. The risk on cross-contamination in the traditional starch moulding is not acceptable for the functional ingredient market. With the Tanis OTC Non-Starch you can have a dedicated production line for your functional gummies without the risk on cross-contamination due to the fact that only cleanable material is used.

Cross-contamination refers to the unintended transfer or mixing of ingredients from one type of gummy supplement to another during the manufacturing process. For example, if a facility produces both sleep aid gummies and energy boost gummies, there is a risk that ingredients from the sleep aid gummies might inadvertently get into the energy boost gummies, or vice versa. This could lead to an unintended combination of ingredients and potentially affect the efficacy and safety of the products. Manufacturers take precautions to prevent cross-contamination to ensure the quality and consistency of their products.

Our starchless lines are well-suited for incorporating beneficial ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, botanicals, and fruit into your gummies, but also CBD.

The Tanis OTC Starchless lines are also highly suitable for manufacturing CBD gummies. CBD, the functional oil derived from the cannabis plant, is one of the most exciting functional food ingredients currently available. Users report taking it for various health benefits, such as pain and anxiety relief. With our specialized CBD dosing unit, you can precisely control the automatic dosing of your functional ingredient. If you are interested in CBD gummy manufacturing equipment, please take a look at our machinery page.

Starchless depositing: Adding beneficial ingredients to your candies with limited risk on cross-contamination.