How to make CBD gummies

If you can make gummies, you can make CBD gummies. To get a piece of the action in this fast-growing market, the only additional things you need to consider are pre-heating the CBD oil and adding specific ingredients to control the taste.


CBD (cannabidiol) oil is a product derived from cannabis. At room temperature, it is solid. But when heated to around 80°C (167°F), it liquifies. To enable good, even dispersal throughout your gummy mass, you therefore need to preheat the CBD oil before adding it to the mix. Tanis has designed a heated weighing system for this purpose, so you can accurately dose your CBD oil into the gummy mass.

Taste control

CDB oil naturally has a strong, bitter taste, which is generally considered unpleasant. However, this can be rectified when making gummies by, first, adding a masking flavor and, second, adding an appealing fruity flavor which complements the CBD oil’s grassy notes. Tanis’ food technicians will be happy to advise on suitable flavoring ingredients

As a finishing touch, it’s advisable to add a color which consumers would associate with the chosen flavor profile.

Keep it natural

Because CBD is a natural product, it’s also a good idea to use natural colors and flavorings to satisfy consumer desire for all-natural products.

How to make CBD gummies