How to make cannabis candy?

Cannabis candy and other types of candy with active ingredients have become fast growing markets with interesting opportunities for many business owners and entrepreneurs. This has naturally resulted in an increased interest in production options and recipe development for cannabis candy. But how do you make cannabis candy? And what more do you need to set up an actual production facility to match your entrepreneurial ambitions? This is where OTC Candy comes into play, and we’ll gladly help you get started!

The kitchen

As you probably suspected, cannabis candy is produced in a kitchen. Not just any kitchen though, because for your cannabis candy business to be successful, you will have to meet lots of different requirements. Think quality for your customers, local food regulations and of course your own margin that allows your business to grow.

One stop shop

As mentioned, this is where OTC Candy steps in to help you produce your cannabis candy. There are three major areas to tackle before you can actually make your cannabis candy, which will be covered below.

1.     The right recipe

To make your cannabis candy, you will first and foremost have to find the right recipe. That is no easy task, for you’ll have to ensure that your cannabis candy contains the right amount of active ingredients, tastes good, has a pleasant texture and can consistently be reproduced. All of this, of course, in addition to local compliance, safety and hygiene requirements! In our own Innovation Centre, we help you create the one recipe that meets all these and your own demands.

2.     Production equipment

With your recipe ready to go, you need a production facility with the right equipment to produce it. We build and assemble production lines of variable sizes to accommodate your recipe and desired production capacity. This means that you can count on us for a custom design that perfectly suits your needs and plant layout, which can be a standard option or single piece of equipment as well as a fully featured, custom production line!

3.     Additional requirements

You’ve now got your recipe and equipment all thought out, which brings us to the final requirements to make cannabis candy. Ensuring the following things are taken care of will then mean that you are ready to start producing your candy. They might seem obvious, but they’re vital to your operation at the same time.

  • Space

Adequate space to place your production line is the first requirement. When space is limited, we usually incorporate that intricacy in your equipment design, so that you can utilize the available space as well as you can. Regardless, you’ll need some form of available space to get your equipment set up and your production process moving.

  • Power source

Just like adequate space, an adequate power supply is required as well. Make sure that your space can provide this and has all the right connections for your equipment to function as intended.

  • Water source

Finally, just like power, you’ll need an adequate supply of water to aid your production process. Again, make you your space has the required connections and an ample supply of water available.

Installing and testing

When your equipment is ready and your recipe is tested, we will come in and install your production equipment at your desired location. You’re probably very eager to make your cannabis candy by now, but not before we’ve ensured that everything works as intended! This means that we will stay with you until all of your equipment is up and running, including a final test to make sure everything works correctly. This process includes training for your local staff, so that your operation can run smoothly and efficiently after we leave.

Here to help

Now you can make as much cannabis candy as you want. With your tested recipe you’ll possess all of the required know-how and, with your custom made equipment, you’ll have the means to do so as well. If you run into any issues or have further questions, our service team is ready to answer them for you. So, now that you know how to make cannabis candy, can we help you get started? Just get in touch, and we will get you on your way!

How to make cannabis candy?