Hemp gummy equipment

Did you already know we are also able to make your own hemp gummies with our equipment?  You can choose your own form and taste you like, and we will design a custom made production line to make your own hemp gums or jellies.

In this blog we will explain a little more about what exactly is the hemp plant, and what is the difference about THC, CBD, cannabis and Hemp. We will explain to you whether you really notice something, or if it is only the taste you have.

First about the hemp flowers. They have been used in many cultures for thousands of years for their purported beneficial and therapeutic properties. The use of cannabis as a medicine is particularly evident in the traditional medicine of China. In earlier times the exact ingredients of the plant were not yet known. Nowadays still many people are confused about the words hemp, weed and cannabis. They think the same name are used for the same sort of plant: cannabis sativa. At first, the world thought there was only one variety of cannabis. Nowadays we now there are several sorts: Sativa, indica and ruderalis. Cannabis is the overall word, and if you are not sure to talk about Sativa, Indica or Ruderalis, you should better say: Cannabis.


Weed is a word for the feminine flowers of the cannabis plant. In some countries, you can buy it directly in coffeeshops. One of the mayor differences about weed and hemp is that weed contains a lot of THC. THC is the substance that will give you a ‘high’ feeling, and you can get stoned. That is what cannabis growers do most of the time, grow as much weed with THC as possible.


Hemp is a word for cannabis plants that serve industrial purposes. You can make anything from hemp cannabis: animal feed, insulation material, medicines, jute, rope, and of course candy.  This plant has hundreds of possible use. Legal hemp varieties have at least one thing in common: they contain almost no THC. Therefore, plants of that variety are unsuitable for recreational use. The lack of psychoactive substances offers a great advantage. Instead of THC, hemp plants produce CBD. And CBD is of course a valuable medicine! Most legal hemp varieties are therefore suitable for making CBD oil. That is why we, at OTC Candy, can supply your own hemp gummy equipment. In our opinion, the most accessible method for ingesting CBD is in the form of infused candy. CBD gummies can as well be incorporated into a daily supplement and vitamin routine, therefore you won’t be worried about forgetting to consume them.

If you need more information about designing your own hemp gummy equipment, please contact us.

Hemp gummy equipment