Tanis Americas

The United States are the number one market for Tanis. To provide better support to the customers on the Americas continent Tanis has established a regional hub in Salt Lake City. A complete service program is offered varying from emergency technical back-up, remote plant survey, to Service Level Agreements for Corrective and Preventive Maintenance. 

From Tanis Americas besides the USA, Canada, Mexico, middle America and Latin America are serviced. In due cause of time spare parts, depositing pumps, nozzle plates and operator training will also be provided through Tanis Americas in Salt Lake City. When required, assistance for regional projects will be provided to the Installation and Commissioning department in The Netherlands. 

Who is Tanis 

Tanis designs and installs complete plants and equipment for the production of sugar confectionery. We have grown into a global supplier of total process solutions and high-tech equipment for the confectionery market. Currently, Tanis supplied more than 350 factories within the industry worldwide, the biggest market is in the USA. 

Tanis has become well-known throughout the industry and is synonymous with quality and professionalism. 

Contact Tanis Americas 

Tanis Americas   
1930 S.Milestone DR., Suite A
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
United States of America 
Operational Manager: Jan van Opstal
Email: americas@tanis.com