TANIS policy regarding the Coronavirus

At TANIS Confectionery, first we want to thank our staff members, customers, suppliers and other relations for their understanding, for watching out over each other and for finding solutions to remain able to collaborate in these challenging times.

The health of our staff members

Our utmost priority is of course the health of our team. All our staff members who can work from home, already do so. For those of us still at the office or in our manufacturing facilities, all instructions issued by the (health) authorities are strictly abided by. Our cleaning crew is also working hard, to ensure our facilities remain optimally clean and free of any pathogens.

Our service mechanics have either arrived at home or are on their way, so that they can support one another and their families in case someone should be affected. The same goes for our Area Sales Managers: they all work from home, and are available for our customers and their needs.

Work in progress

All work at TANIS Confectionery will proceed as much as possible, either from our homes or at our company facilities. New orders are accepted, new quotes are being made, we maintain contact with our customers and our suppliers, and we manufacture the equipment ordered by our customers.

All in all, our projects continue, albeit in a bit of a different shape than we are used to, enabled by the loads of creativity from our energetic team. Various types of communication have already been tested and implemented. We thank our IT Department for making this possible.


In these challenging times, everyone is responsible for keeping an eye on each other and helping whenever possible. TANIS takes this responsibility seriously, in which our care for the health and safety of our staff members is our top priority. Let us fight through this crisis together, and strive to exit it prosperously.

Leo Tanis and the Team at TANIS Confectionery